Artist Recent  Projects 

Please click in the main photo for more information and full view of the rest of the photos, If you are wondering where is the H in this fist piece, you can find the connection father with other pieces. 


Artist works consist in paintings, and work on paper those are independent pieces in which some become part and integrated in experiential sensorial installationsperformative photographs, performative and installation photographs, performances, and videos.


Group of latest works are titled Goodbye To Assholes, I Deserve Much Better, this a is the latest project since 2010 to present painting with a subproject titled X The Right To Be since 2013.  both interconnect into energy healing process, feminist, healing from trauma and abuse, and empowerment.

Here are some selected pieces that last project. 

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Prior this project there have been also other projects related with the energy subject.

2006-2009 Restricted Silent Emotions, and The Celebration of The Ones Allowed.

2002-2005 4 Lines= Divine / Energy / Society / Nature, and The Little Simple Things

1997-2005 Energy Flower, Portrait of My Emotions 



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