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Bibi Flores / Bio 

Bibi Flores is a Mexican, Mexican-American painter, and multidisciplinary artist born in Austin, Texas (While her parents studied in UT, the only first american generation in her family), and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, based in New York City since 2005, since whose abstract works inhabit the form of healing energy on a quantum level. Energy speaks through healing colors, lines, and shapes, portraying visuals seen by Bibi's intuitive visions, and meditations of real healing energy, guided by this energy, and transformed into art. Works focus on empowerment, healing for trauma, and abuse from patriarchy, and oppressive systems, moving forward and allowing the spirit to align towards healing wounds in the states of the mind, heart, and spirit that exist in a plane of dimensional energy. Bibi was influenced by her artist father's metaphysic abstractions from a young age. Bibi works to advocate for survivors with her message as a survivor, and self-healing research in energy, also connecting with current high-vibrational changes within the world


Her works consist mainly of paintings, performative photographs, staged photographs, experiential sensorial installations, videos, and performances, including paint as the main medium used within all other mediums. Started in 1997 in Monterrey Mexico, and moved to New York in 2005. Earned an MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in 2010. Grants include 2023 Emergency Grant Gottlieb Foundation, and Artist Fellowship Inc.  2022 UMEZ Art Engagement, from UMEZ and LMCC, Creative Engagement from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and NYC Cultural Affairs, 2021 City Artist Corps Grant from NYFA, 2020 West Collection PA, and 2006 Nicholas Markatos from National Academy Museum. Selected artist for El Taller at Creative Capital 2018. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Mexico, and Europe in galleries, and museums like Perry Rubenstein, Air Gallery, Rupert Ravens, Museo del Centenario, Centro Cultural Fátima, and Museo Metropolitano. She has presented interviews, talks, and healing workshops in The NYC Major’s Office Against Domestic Violence, Hunter College, MARCO Museum, UANL. New York Top 10 artists by 511 Magazine and. She is also a Reiki Master Practitioner, Empath, and Empowerment Facilitator




Bibi Flores, Centered To The Core, Present, 2023, Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 16 inches.


Bibi Flores

Artist Statement


I am a Mexican-American artist whose abstract works and paintings inhabit, and 
research empowerment and healing energy. This type of energy exists and gets 
documented through healing colors, lines, and shapes as guided by my high-lightened 
intuition. Works focus on healing abstractions moving away from trauma, oppressive 
systems, allowing the spirit to align in the higher states of the mind, heart, and spirit in a plane of dimensional energy. My work consists of mainly paintings, as I also work in
some performative videos and photography, as sensorial installations. Always including
paintings within all the mediums I explore. 


Each painting or pieces document moments of change, and good energy placings. These healings are allowing to move forward to break past learned believes, and heal pain and wounds specially in women as we all for generations had suffered of unhealed trauma and abuses from patriarchy and all these related old systems. My work shows the development, and process of this healing, and captures different moments in linear time of these energies, which is embedded visually in abstract pieces capturing in 
abstractions a diary of energy vibrations, through forms, lines, healing colors, as how 
these energy is represented throw its different phases.

This healing project started 14 years ago from my deep lower unhealed personal 
emotions specially for being raped, and other of my own related experiences, and 
vibrations, as I continued thought the years to study, and develop this own abstract 
language, language of energy, connecting with my own way of painting, as integrating 
the collective healing energies happening around the world. I study the connection with this abstract language and energy. Each painting shows this victorious energy process of moments towards other moments of healing, as we continue to stand up for ourselves, and to be conquerors of those past experiences, as we fully understand and achieve to live in a fully present, leaving all past and pain behind. Each title relates to a specific moment of that healing, and its process on time. 

Paintings are made using mostly acrylic paint; also with the use of mixed media 
materials (in some works) using collages of other paintings or paintings overlapped in 
conjunction with other canvases as three-dimensional paintings, from stripes, grids or 
breakthrough texts all made of painted canvas which is included in some pieces, as 
elements of other canvas. Drippings, splashes, brush strokes, shapes and bolds colors 
all those elements speak in ways of abstraction and document visually all these 

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