Awards, Fellowships, Grants, and Selected Artist Programs:


UMEZ Art Engagement Grant, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, and

Upper Manhattan Empowerment Development Zone Corporation, New York, NY.

Creative Engagement Grant, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) and NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, New York, NY, 


New York City Artist Corps Grant, New York Foundation of The Arts, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs'

with support from the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, as well as Queen Theater, New York, NY. 


West Collection, Artist Emergency Fund for Visual Artist, Philadelphia, PA 


Nicholas Markatos Scholarship Award, National Academy School, and Museum, New York        

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2014 to 2015

  • As The Veil Unveils, And Leaves Behind Pain, and Assholes, Beauty Reveals, Installation, AyzART Art Space, New York


  • Art .Justice. Action, NYC Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence, NYC Family Justice Center, New York


  • Outsight Inn, (curated by Rupert Ravens) Rupert Ravens Contemporary, Newark, New Jersey.


  • Enchanted Castle of Real Dreams, (curated by artist) 1922 Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico                


  • Estaciones Del Tiempo Nature, (Inauguration speech by Felipe Montes, Writer) 1922 Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico


  • 4 Líneas (Nature, Spiritual, Society, Energy) = 4 Formas De Vida = 4 Estaciones , (curated by artist), 1922 Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico

Selected Collective Exhibitions:   


  • (coming up July) Uplifting, Connecting, Rising, PS109 El Barrio’s Artspace, New York.


  • Voices of Women in Art = Inside and Out, Switched Version until 2022, ,1922 Gallery, New York.

  • Dissolving Borders II, Chashama, New York.

  • Dissolving Borders, Julio Valdez Project Space, New York.


  • Salon 9/11 Pankhurst In The Park, Alexandra Arts UK, Mothership, Brooklyn, New York.

  • Eminent Domain, 90 Feminist Artist, Former Robert Miller Gallery Space, Chelsea, New York.


  • Arte De La UDEM, Universidad de Monterrey, Rectory Building, Monterrey, Mexico       


  • Woman In Charge, Soho20 Chelsea Gallery, New York


  • Backlash On Women’s Basic Rights, and Freedoms, Soho20 Chelsea Gallery, New York

  • I Wish You Were Here 11, AIR Gallery, New York                                                                                                               

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Nomadic Tree Initiative Gallery, New York


  • Plus One, (curated by Dan Cameron)  Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York                                                                                       

  • That’s Just It, (curated by Stephen Maine) Visual Arts Gallery, New York                                                                                  

  • I Wish You Were Here 9, AIR Gallery, New York  

  • BYOA, X Initiative, Dia Art Space, New York   

  • Multiplex, (curated by Elizabeth M. Grady) Visual Arts Gallery, Chelsea, New York


  • Electric Kool-Aid, Visual Arts Gallery, Chelsea, New York

  • I Wish You Were Here 8, AIR Gallery, New York

  • Cherry, The Shirey’s Art Space, Brooklyn, New York


  • Generations 6 Biennial Exhibition, AIR Gallery, New York                                                                                                             


  • Artist Employee Private Show, Metropolitan Museum of Art,  Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Galleries, New York

  • Leaders of The Future, Tepeyac Association of New York, Annual Gala Benefit, New York                                              

  • Art Jicarny 2007, No.12, Picardy Prague Conservatory, Prague, Czech Republic                                                     

  • I Wish You Were Here 6, AIR Gallery, New York  


  • XXIX Exposición De Pintura y Escultura 2006, Red Cross Benefit Gala, Monterrey, Mexico                                                  

  • Spring Show, (curated by Sonia Gechtoff) National Academy School, and Museum, New York                                                        


  • Mid-Year Exhibition, National Academy Museum, New York 

  • Current Works, Orlando Visual Artist League Gallery, Orlando, Florida


  • Fotografía Cabeza Olmeca, Museo Metropolitano de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico


  • Salon De Otoño 2001, (2001 to 2002) Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima, Monterrey, Mexico


  • Foto San Pedro 2001, Museo del Centenario, San Pedro Garza García, Mexico

  • Foto Septiembre Santa Catarina 2001, Casa de la Cultura de Santa Catarina, Santa Catarina, N.L., Mexico                            

  • Una Mirada Al Sentimiento, Museo de Coahuila y Texas, Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico 

  • Una Mirada Al Sentimiento, Centro Cultural Universitario de Saltillo Coahuila, Coahuila, México


  • Salones 2000, Galería Universitaria Raúl Rangel Frías, UANL, Monterrey, Mexico


  • Obra Gráfica, (three paintings in collaboration with artist Jaime Flores, artist father, for his Solo show) IDEAR Centro Cultural Gallery, Monterrey Mexico     


Selected Public Installations:


  • (coming up May), Healing The I for Us to We, Receiving, Having, and Spreading Love, and Peace for a Better World and Humanity, East Harlem, The Herb Garden, New York


  • Transformation, Open Doors, Healing, Mural, at El Barrio-East Harlem New York (Walls from Three buildings) 111th Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue, until torn down in 2020, New York


  • Blooming Healing Winter Garden, The Herb Garden, New York


  • Platonic Love Turns Into Real, It Seems Like Just A Dream… Is It?,  New York City Poetry Festival and Poetry Society of New York, Governor’s Island, New York

  • Fall For Sparkling Love Garden, The Herb Garden, New York

  • Tree Of Hope, and Dressed Like A Tulip, Figment, Governor’s Island, New York            


Artist Talks, Interviews and Workshops:


  • (coming up May), As part of piece, Healing The I for Us to We, Spreading Love, and Peace for a Better World and Humanity, East Harlem, Healing Workshops, and meditations at The Herb Garden, New York


  • Healing Sensorial Workshop & Art Fun Game City Arts Corps Grant project, Carl Shultz Park, New York

  • Healing Sensorial Workshop & Art Fun Game ,City Arts Corps Grant project, El Barrio’s Artspace PS109, New York 

  • Healing Sensorial Workshop & Art Fun Game ,City Arts Corps Grant project, El Central Park, Harlem Meers Area, New York.

  • Empowerment, and Good Energy Workshop For Children, Animal Art, ZOOper Fun! by Bibi Flores, Brooklyn Children's Museum, New York

  • Live Tour and Talk, Vasily Kandinsky: Around the Circle, Guggenheim Museum for CONARTE, Consejo para la Cultura y Las Artes de Nuevo León, México, . 

  • Artist Talk, Mujeres En El Mundo Del Arte: Abriendo Camino y Creando Oportunidades, by Bibi Flores, CONARTE, Consejo para la Cultura y Las Artes de Nuevo León, México,

  • Artist Talk, Artist Talk On Art - AOTA, New York.


  • Made By, (talk and interview) UANL University Visual Arts Department, Monterrey, N.L. Mexico

  • Su Realidad, Tu Forma De Expresión- Your reality, your own expression, empowerment, multisensorial approach by Bibi Flores (sensorial be present artist art workshop, artist talk, and guided talk in connection with workshop about Leonora Carrignton exhibition) MARCO, Museum of Contemporary Art, Monterrey, Mexico


  • Art Healing Workshop for DV Survivors, 2014-15, A Step Forward to Happy, by Bibi Flores Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence, New York, 

  • Art.Justice.Action, NYC Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence, NYC Family Justice Center, New York

  • Art for Liberation, and Empowerment Workshop, Woman and Gender Studies, Hunter College, New York

  • Empowerment Workshop For Children, Animal Art it!, Art For Change, New York


  • Outsight Inn, Rupert Ravens Contemporary, Newark, New Jersey 


Selected Articles and Press:


  • Review of Bibi Flores works, by curator Emireth Herrera Valdés, (March 26) for Radio Program Pinceladas, y Otros Condimentos, Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Habla Su Arte De Sanación Ante La Masculinidad Tóxica, Vida y Cultura, Section, Grupo Reforma - El NORTE, May,  Monterrey metropolitan area,, Mexico


  • ART511 Magazine, Article: Top Ten Artist in New York (artist as one of the Top Ten Artist) Launch edition, printed and online, New York

  • Zip Creative, Article and interview, Fast Forward Friday with artist and designer Bibi Flores by Joanne Zippel, New York


  • El NORTE- La Silla, September, Monterrey, Mexico

  • Artnet, Art Spring Eternal, May, MFA Open Studio, New York

  • VIsual Art Brief- SVA, Multiplex, New York

  • VIsual Art Brief- -SVA, Electric Kool-Aid, New York


  • Studio Journal Blogspot SV July (curator David Gibson), New York


  • Los Sueños de Bibi, El Norte- La Silla, July,(06/03), p. 24-25, Monterrey, Mexico


  • Artista Bibi Flores, UDEM Verbum Magazine, Monterrey, Mexico

  • Bibi Plasma Su Sentir, El Norte- La Silla, December, (12/10),   p. 20, Monterrey, Mexico 


  • Expone Su Propuesta, El Norte- La Silla, December,  (12/19)p. 18, Monterrey, Mexico


  • Bibi Pinta Sueños y Realidades, El Norte- La Silla, May, Cover and  p. 20-22, Monterrey, Mexico (05/30 )

Participations, Performances or Collaborations:


  • Performance, Healing the I, For Us to We, Receiving, Having and Spreading Energy of Peace for a BEtter World, and Humanity.  Performance at United Nations NYC, May 10 on mother day weekend. United Nations, New York. 


  • Performance, Life, Energy, Clearing, Cleansing, and Connecting. at Miami Art Basel Weekend, South Beach, Miami, Florida. 

  • Performance, Inner and Otter Interconnections, Spreading Love & Messages, Central Park, Diana Ross Lawn, as part of other performances of exhibit   from 1922 Gallery, Voices of Women in Art = Inside and Out, Central Park, New York. 


  • Your Name in Lights By John Baldessari, artist name use in piece, Monnaie de Paris, Paris, France

  • Pick-Nick At El Museo Del Barrio, participation in performance by Nicolás Dumit Estévez, Museo del Barrio, New York

  • Office Hours, participating artist, and assist in performance piece with Nicolás Dumit Estévez and Lulu Lolo, Museo del Barrio, New York


  • Fall For Sparkling Love Bibi Flores installation, and wearable art pieces made by artist to add as part of costumes to be used by LuluLolo at her performance at the artist installation piece at the garden, The Herb Garden, New York  


  • Participate Me, School of Visual Arts-MFA, Bibi Flores performance and photos used for Theodoros Zafeiropoulos as a whole piece using work from different artist        


  • Third Millennium Video Project, Participation with 7 videos as artist collaboration,  Forum de las Culturas Mexico, Monterrey, Mexico

Selected Work Art Experience:


  • Owner, gallerist, organizer, curator, reopening, 1922 Gallery, New York, NY


  • Visitor Services Volunteer for Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY.

2005 to 2008

  • Work study assistance at Education, and P.R. Director for National Academy of Design Museum, New York, NY.


  • Assistant Volunteer Teacher, Creation Station for Children at OMA Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, Florida.   


  • Owner, gallerist, director, curator at 1922 Gallery Project, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon,. Mexico



MFA of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York


Fine Arts, and Foundation Certificate, Parsons The New School For Design, New York


Master Classes, National Academy of Design School, and Museum, New York


Painting Visual Arts Certificate, Arte A.C. (ITESM) Monterrey, N.L, Mexico


Sculpture Visual Arts Certificate, Arte A. C. (ITESM) Monterrey, N.L. Mexico


BA International Marketing, Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), Monterrey, N.L. Mexico


Residencies and Artist Programs by Selection:

2006, 2007 and 2008

Painting, and Mixed Media Summer Residency Program, School of Visual Arts, New York


Photography Summer Residency Program, School of Visual Arts, New York


El Taller, Creative Capital, First group of selected artists, Professional  Development Artist Program, New York City