Artist Healing Workshops  


  • Coming soon, September 21, Virtual Talk, Mujeres En El Mundo Del Arte: Abriendo Camino y Creando Oportunidaes,por artista Bibi Flores, CONARTE Nuevo Leon, Mexico  


Please click in the main photo for more information and full view of the rest of the photos, If you are wondering where is the H in this fist piece, you can find the connection father with other pieces. 


Artist Healing Workshops focus on healing, well-being, empowerment, some thought art and energy techniques 

Workshops are from The Goodbye To Assholes, I Deserve Much Better artist latest project since 2010 to present, in which main focus is start the healing of the past wounds from trauma, and abuse, empowerment, and expressing yourself, freely, some of these workshops have been presented to survivors of DV, 

and X The Right To Be since. Pairing with the other artist project, interconnect into energy healing process, to empower yourself to a better version or yourself.

In these other type of workshops X For

The The Right To Be focus is to connect with your spiritual side, higher-self, being present, through sensorial exercises, and other artist techniques, and to heal, and or improve well-being, and achieve, joy, true happiness, and be fully present.