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These are other Flores projects,  apart from her art practice,

Some connect, like healings, and other ones are completely separated. If you are interested in supporting Bibi Flores you can buy art, or any of this other of her services, or support this other projects, All of this helps to support her living, and art practice

as well. Thank you 

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Books related with artist projects, and research 2010- present

Children, books

( Coming soon.)


Messages from project at (of links bellow)

(facebook page with almost 3k followers

link has to login because of the restrictions of the word A---shole

direct link:

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FREE (lots) & Paid Individual (In depth) options

Energy Healing Videos

Workshops of Empowerment and Healing Energy

Women Empowerment  

Energy Healing / Reiki Master Practitioner -Sessions (Individual Paid sessions too) 

Energy Space Clearing, for well-being 

Other paid Healing Empowerment workshops and Circles 

Empowerment Jewelry - Artist Bibi Flores art pieces as jewelry, and silver jewelry


For The Right To Be ™ (as part of the stage of Flores project) 

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Surfaces patterns own artist design, and custom

Freelance Designer

for products, and textiles

Geometrix Surfaces Design Studio ™ 

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