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Bibi Flores, Present,  Fully Feeling. The Inner Power, 2023,

Mixed media acrylic on canvas and collage of canvas, 24 x 24 inches. 

In a private collection. 

Bibi Flores, Healing All Ancestral Roots Letting Go, June, 2023,

Performative video, Long Version



DECEMBER 1, 2023 as part of Film screening exhibtion and talk Q+A by artists. 

at West Chelsea Art Fair, Chelsea, Sprit of Air Gallery, 

New York City. 

Participating artist, Bibi Flores, Qinza Najm, Maria Buyondo, Laura Weyl, Noelle Lorraine Williams, 

and Elisa Garcia de la Huerta. 


This video and the performance were recorded at what it was my aunt Elbi and uncle's Hector home. After some extreme family situations, related to the home too, including the passing away of my uncle, aunt, and mother. This performance is about saying Goodbye to that past and letting go of all the pain that we all encountered initiated there, and from all situations related. 

© 1997-2023 Bibi Flores All Rights Reserved 


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