Artist Statement


Through my paintings, photographs, installations, combining elements like my own textile creations and other mixed media materials, I represent in a physical space, my emotions. These states of mind, heart, and soul that exist in a plane of dimensional energy, are transformed and encoded with geometry, shapes, symbols, lines, colors by humanly imperfect, harmonic and synchronized brush strokes. The details of these elements capture and illustrate my interests and thoughts as a woman, person and artist. The essence of the works embodies and reveals a portrait of my present, together with thoughts and feelings, as a force in reaction to experiences from my past. Phrases and titles indicate and link the meanings of each work, which, as a full collection, interconnect with one another. This imagery represents my emotional back-story and how it mirrors some limits and paradigms in society.     


My most recent work, Goodbye to assholes, I deserve much better, is a collection I began developing in 2010. This body of work directly focuses on my feminist point of view regarding the enjoyment of one’s unique personality and expression. At the same time it critiques a shallow and judgmental society where particularly women still exist in a submissive structure and are the subject of violence, suppressed feelings and oppression. The topics addressed in the art record my process of identifying and developing healthy boundaries, and moving on from selfish, ego-centric persons or assholes (Spanish = cabrones) from my personal life. In some cases, pieces represent a type of a mantra, amulet or protective shield from assholes. The work is intended to celebrate one’s unique personality, promote self-respect, freedom, and will hopefully help others around the world especially victims and survivors of abuse.


The use of the word asshole is important in this assemblage of works. Classified as a bad and censored word, it is persuasive and confronts oppression, provides power and control necessary to conquer fears and establish healthy boundaries. The word is especially powerful when used by women because it is not seen as like a ladylike word. People attach different meanings to the word, depending on their individual perspective. This word, even in its many shades of meaning, and as a part of this collection, acts as an intense mind filter that helps to alert, mark, define, and set up a now recognized boundary against ego-centric personalities, allowing forward movement to a state of happiness. 

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